Saturday, October 3, 2009

Final Presentations / Yestermorrow Fall 2009 PDC

Welcome to Evidence of Action! I created this blog initially to show the world all of the amazing designs that our PDC students are creating. I will be documenting the evolution from talking and thinking to DO-ing.
This is the Evidence of Action that I'm talking about here.

I will also be posting any other bits of Evidence of Action that I find in my travels here on planet Earth.

So without further ado...

This first post will be showing you some of the designs from the Fall 2009 PDC that just finished up at the Yestermorrow Design / Build School that was taught by Andrew Faust and Keith Morris.

Here's the motley crew...

And the designs follow. I apologize if everyone wasn't included. Not all of the photos turned out! I will be putting names by people's respective designs asap, but I just wanted to get these out there for our present PDC students in our NYC class. This is some inspiration for you all!

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